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The U.S. Fencing Coaches Association is dedicated to the growth and development of better fencing through better coaching by improving the quality of fencing instruction and supporting fencing coaches in the United States.

2017 Coaches Academy better than imagined!

The 2017 USFCA Coaches Academy is now in the books and by all accounts was a great success. 

Still in its infancy the 2nd annual national Coaches Academy hosted 26 participants from Florida to Alaska in the moniteur and advanced (prevot/master) training sessions covering topics ranging from sport psychology, training and conditioning, video analysis to games and the US fencing referee seminar.  The USFCA issued four assistant moniteur, twelve monituer, four prevot and one master certificates.  Some candidates earned certification in multiple weapons.

“I tried to come with an open mind but couldn’t help having an idea of what I expected.  It proved to be even better than I had imagined,” wrote newly certified Prévôt de Sabre Kate Sierra on Facebook.

In the middle of the intense weeklong sessions... [Read More]

FIE Budapest Coaching Academy accepting applications to third coaching session

The FIE Budapest Coaching Academy is calling for applications to its third three month coaching session from September 4 to December 1, 2017.

USA Fencing is accepting applications for coaches and current or recently retired athletes as part of FIE’s Athlete Career Program (ACP).  USA Fencing can nominate one person to attend the academy, however a spot at the academy is not guaranteed.  Application deadline to apply to USA Fencing is July 1, 2017.

The arrival time for the Coaching Academy in Budapest, Hungary will be September 3 and departure will by December 2, 2017.  The courses will be in saber, epee, and foil.  The FIE will cover all the costs (accommodation and meals) and will offer EUR 500 as a contribution for the travel costs (EUR 200 to European students).  At the end of the program, an examination will take place and give, if the participant is successful, a diploma.

The chosen applicant will be notified by July 10.  Click here for more information. 

If you have any questions, please email Sam Callan at

Mattern discusses the "Art of Strip-Side Coaching"

How effective is your strip-side coaching? On April 28th Olympian and USFCA Fencing Master Cody Mattern in conjunction with the USFCA revealed his secrets in the "Art of Strip-Side Coaching."  USFCA members can access the webinar here.

The Di Rosa methodology

A teaching progression for fencing 

Foreword by Gil Pezza

This work is the English version of the summary of a presentation that Maestro Di Rosa made in 1981, at a workshop for fencing coaches in Rome, Italy. Readers should note that his first student to win an individual gold medal at the Olympics Games was Fabio Dal Zotto in 1976, at age 19. Therefore, Maestro Di Rosa was already applying the principles highlighted herein in the early 1960s. Although his methodology is still clearly unique and brilliant today, it is even more so, if we consider that he was teaching it at a time in Italy when leaders of the Italian classical school of fencing were still the ruling class in Italian fencing. Indeed, his teachings and the stellar results of his student in competition, challenged the precepts of classical school and ruffled many feathers. For this reason, for many years, Maestro Di Rosa was politically ostracized and never given the true credit he deserved. In my recent article, “On the Classification of Elements”, I refer to this presentation by Maestro Di Rosa as the masterpiece of original thought in modern fencing literature.

Maestro Di Rosa challenged the application of geometry to fencing. In his school effectiveness trumped efficiency.  Read More... [must be a USFCA member & Logged in to read more]


Compound Attacks
demonstrated by Maitre Rob Handelman.
For more information visit San Francisco Youth Fencing

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