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Welcome to the USFCA
The USFCA is dedicated to developing and maintaining the quality of fencing instruction, and to support fencing coaches in the United States.   Hundreds of USFCA members share a commitment to the improvement of US fencing though the associations' activities.

  • We are in the process of updating certifications earned. We are transitioning web masters so there will be a slight delay in the updates. New certifications will be posted by December 10th. Thank you for your patience.

  • We are currently in search for members that want to contribute to the association by becoming members of our standing committees. One of the committees that we are focused on populating is the Professional Development Committee. There is no requirement for membership other than current membership. If you are interested, let your regional vice president know that you want to serve!
  • The Professional Development Committee shall create education standards and the process of achieving these standards, coordinating their efforts with the Certifications and Accreditation Board and other committees, to assist in meeting the standards and goals of the whole organization. It will conduct and assist in conducting clinics and seminars for fencing coaches and instructors.

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Open Line/Opening Line demonstrated by Maitre Rob Handelman.
For more information visit San Francisco Youth Fencing
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