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Certification and Accreditation Board

The Certification and Accreditation Board shall devise proper procedures for testing all candidates for all levels of certification.The Certification and Accreditation Board shall devise procedures and criteria for the recognition of the credentials of non-USFCA certified individuals.

In 2006, the USFCA instituted a rotating term of service for the CAB members.  Each CAB member is elected to a term of six years.  At each election, two new members are elected to replace two of the six members whose term has ended.  The terms are listed for each member.

    Paul Sise, Chair:

    Erika Velarde, CAB secretary: 


    Certification and Accreditation Board Members:

    Term Ending 2018
     Term Ending 2020
    Term Ending 2022
    Appointed, Term Ending 2018
    Ted Katzoff
    Enrique Vazquez
    Paul Sise
    Cody Mattern*
    Gil Pezza
    David Sierra
    Jennifer Oldham
    John Krauss

    * Appointed to take George Platt's term.
    Certified Examiners


    This is the list of USFCA certified examiners (they attended the training at the Annual Conference or other clinics by the USFCA).  They may serve as Head Examiners or Examiners on examination boards.  All names in italics are certified until 2012.  All other certifications will last three years until August 2013. 


    List of Certified Examiners
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