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USFCA Equivalency to Past Coaches College certified students

Past Coaches College (CC) graduates up to 2011 may apply for equivalency with the USFCA by completing the "USFACC Equivalency" application below and by purchasing a "USFACC Equivalency Application Fee" from the Online store.

Note: You will need to be a USFCA member in order to see and purchase the application fee to accompany your application.

    Equivalencies being offered are per weapon and shown below.

    Level CC   --------------  Equivalency USFCA

    1          ----------------  Assistant Moniteur
    2          ----------------  Moniteur
    3 - 4     ----------------  Prevot
    5          ----------------  Master (with approved and completed Master’s project, thesis or presentation)

    USFCA Master Certification Exemption Process
    The second method to apply for equivalency is available for notable coaches wishing to apply for Master's certification.  This document describes the petition process in order for the USFCA to consider notable coaches, for a special exemption to not write the thesis or take the practical test. Based on the applicants information submitted the CAB will review and recommend certification levels for a petitioning coach.  In some instances, a lower rating may be offered if the applicant does not meet the Master's criteria. All certifications proposed by the CAB through this process, require EC review and approval of the certification before the certification can be presented to the petitioner. Please use the "Master Certification Exemption Process" application and purchase a "Master Exemption Application Fee" from the Online store.  

    :  You will need to be a USFCA member in order to see and purchase the application fee to accompany your application.

    Certification Equivalency Applications
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    USFACC Equivalency - instructions05/29/2016 11:0647 K
    USFACC Equivalency - application05/29/2016 10:5864 K
    Master Certification Exemption Process - application09/24/2012 03:04125 K
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