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USFCA Examination Policies

Policies and Procedures for Exams

The USFCA welcomes and thanks all candidates and examiners in our tests. We feel a valid and respected certification program increases the quality and professionalism of fencing coaching in the US.

To uphold the quality and integrity of certification from the United States Fencing Coaches Association, the testing policies below should be followed, and will be strictly enforced.



The written exam for Assistant Moniteur, Moniteur, and Prévôt are available online and can be accessed anywhere in the world.  Payment for all tests must be made online.  The tests are also available in hard copy, but only by special request and approval of the Secretary of the Certification and Accreditation Board (see the Contacts page on the USFCA website). Candidates who do not speak or read English fluently or who have a reading disability may request extended time and/or special assistance in taking the exam.

Each test has to be set up by the CAB secretary which takes three to five days.  So coaches expecting to take the written exam for an upcoming clinic must register and take the test at least a week before the clinic.

Candidates should use the USFCA members area of the website to access the Study Guides for the Assistant Moniteur, Moniteur, or Prévôt level in preparation for the exam.



There is a two-hour time limit for Moniteur and Prévôt written examinations and a one-hour time limit for Assistant Moniteur exams.  The test should be taken in a quiet and private testing area.  Under no circumstances should the test be reproduced or disseminated.

The online exam will be graded automatically and your score will be displayed at the end of the exam. Print out the final exam score for your own records. The printed exam score must be used to show that the written exam was passed, enabling the candidate to schedule a practical exam. USFCA will maintain a record of all exams attempted.

If the USFCA determines the exam/testing environment has been significantly compromised, the examination can be considered invalid.

Each certification candidate will have one chance to pass the exam per exam fee. The candidate may take the examination as many times as desired.  If the candidate fails the written exam they may register and pay again online.

The fees for each written exam attempt are as follows:

  • Assistant Moniteur:  $25.00
  • Moniteur: $25.00
  • Prévôt: $50.00



In preparation for the practical exam the candidate should refer to the appropriate books in the reading list and materials on the "How To" documents and Study Guides.

All candidates must take the practical exam in each weapon, separately.  There is no time limit between practical exams for the various weapons.

All levels can certify in one or more weapons, i.e., Master of Foil, Prévôt of Sabre and Foil,  Moniteur of Epee, Master of Arms.  The candidate can test in any of the three weapons , one at a time after passing the written test. 

Practical exams consist of a demonstration of the candidate’s ability to instruct fencing to individuals or groups. The examiner(s) may request specific actions or methods or ask questions, but the candidate should have planned material to demonstrate.

After the practical exam, the Board member(s) will tell the results to the candidate, discuss the exam and answer the candidate’s questions. The head examiner will copy the results on the appropriate forms and forward them to the Secretary of the Certifcation and Accreditation Board (Please refer to the Contacts page on this website for address and email). All fees must be paid online.

The candidate will receive a certificate from the USFCA if they pass the exam.



A practical exam can be requested or be scheduled to be held at a USFCA sponsored clinic / workshop or the annual conference. In either case, the candidate for an exam must arrange for the examination in advance.

On the occasion an exam (Moniteur only) is not held at the annual conference or a clinic, but has been approved by the CAB, the examiner is requested to review the testing guidelines to which the examination board must adhere (the information is all on the USFCA website). For the practical exams to be valid the Head Examiner will indicate his/her agreement to the guidelines with an email to the CAB before giving the practical exam. The candidate may contact the Regional Vice President for help finding an examiner in his area. The examiner and candidate must work together to find a date and site.

When registering for the practical exam, a certified USFCA Prévôt or Fencing Master will be named as the head examiner. All examiners must be members of the USFCA and be Board certified examiners and should already be familiar with the testing guidelines. The USFCA has all grading forms available to download from the website so the examiner(s) have all the materials to conduct the test(s).

The fees for the practical exam in each weapon are as follows:

  • Moniteur:  $50.00
  • Prévôt: $150.00
  • Master:  $200.00

All fees should be paid through the online registration process PRIOR to the practical exam.

The procedures and formats for the Moniteur, Prévôt and Master Practical Exams are detailed in the "How to"  documents.


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