Friday, November 17, 2017

2017 Coaches Academy better than imagined!

...the USFCA held its Annual General Meeting and a shortened conference of presentations by Olympian Dan Kellner, Ariana Klinkov, and Kenny Nopens. 

"Several years ago I worked as the co-director with Alex Beguinet in the USFA Coaches College." said Vinnie Bradford, chair of the Professional Development Committee and Academy staff member,  "and this year brought back memories of the service and learning that occurred in that program and role it played in the development of American fencing. It is fortunate that we have the USFCA who has acted to fill the void of coaching education left when USA Fencing dropped the Coaches College.

We had coaches from California, Alaska, Texas, Canada, and of course, the Northeast. Most of these coaches were participating in the Moniteur or Prevot level classes and some came only for the AGM meeting and surrounding seminars. No matter the level of coach, it was obvious that all of these people were hungry to learn and that the USFCA has a clear duty to serve the cause of fencing coaching education.

I’m excited about next year’s coaches Academy. The success and energy from this year will help grow this program and I predict we will have twice as many participants next year! So save the date."

This year’s Academy was held at Keystone College in La Plume, PA and sponsored by Absolute Fencing.  The 2017-18 season promises a host of coaching opportunities with USFCA Regional Clinics and the 2018 Coaches Academy.

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