Monday, May 29, 2017
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USFCA Chicago Coaches Clinic - May 26-29

Masters Peter Burchard, Walid Mahran and Vladimir Nazlimov are hosting a three weapon, USFCA Education and Training Seminar in Chicago, on the weekend of May 26-29, 2017 at the New Trier High School, 385 Winnetka Ave, Winnetka IL 90063

Registration and Information are available on

Fencing Master Peter Burchard is president of the USFCA and coach of numerous finalists and members of international teams in both foil and épée. As an athlete he was member of Team USA in 1978 and 1983. He holds a Military Master at Arms degree and Maître d’Armes from the USFCA. He is head coach of NBFA and has been at Halberstadt since 1984.

Olympian and Fencing Master Walid Mahran was a member of the Egyptian team in foil and has coached many finalists both domestically and abroad. He is head coach at CAN in Atlanta.

Fencing Master Vladimir Nazlimov is head coach at Ohio State University. He has been Olympic champion for the Soviet Union and the winner of many international medals in sabre.

The first two days include instruction, demonstrations and lesson practice.  The third day continues instruction and if requested USFCA certification exams for Moniteur and Prevot.

Our primary goal is to improve the coach’s ability to give a lesson for any level student by assigning specific training lessons for Friday evening and videotaping the coaches.  After the lesson is completed, we will individually review the video and determine any areas that need improvement.  We will then work in groups, according to the coach’s skill level, to further develop each coach’s strengths.

For those interested, we will instruct and prepare the coach to take the USFCA Moniteur and/or Prevot practical exams.  The exams will be offered on Sunday, late morning and afternoon.Remember, you must take and pass the online written USFCA Moniteur or Prevot exam, before you can take the practical.

Before you arrive for the seminar, please complete the online USFCA exam and bring proof of your passing grade.

If requested, we can also provide training, and practice to prepare Master candidates to take their exams at a future date.


Peter Burchard, Maitre d’Armes, Military Master at Arms


United States Fencing Coaches Association

Phone: (510) 821-3689

Fees:  Deadline for advance payment is May 24, 2017

Full Clinic: USFCA Members: $175 ---- Late (& at door): $195

Non-Members: $200* ---- Late (& at door): $225
Daily - One Day for Members: $95 ---- Late (& at door): $110

One Day for non-members: $110 ---- Late (& at door): $125

USFCA Examination Information:

You may find the information you need for accreditation examinations at the USFCA website: Exam Policies

Information on travel & hotel information:

Double Tree in Skokie is @$160/night

Holiday Inn in Skokie is @$125/night

Hampton Inn & Suites is @$135/night


Proposed Coaches Clinic Schedule

Friday night 7:30-8 PM registration

(An option is for coaches to arrive at 6 PM and meet with the instructors for dinner at a local restaurant.  We will discuss topics relevant to the clinic.  Please inform us in advance if you are interested.)

Friday 8 – 10 PM – Introduction of instructors – Video assessment of attendees’ lesson skills (training lesson) - Classroom presentations on the Option (training) lesson – Balance and distance - How has the new timing changed foil and sabre instruction -  Lesson skills for higher level students – Teaching the tactical wheel versus options - USFCA exam process

(Peter Burchard, Walid Mahran and Vladimir Nazlimov will instruct all three days)

Saturday morning

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM practicing the teaching type lesson for foil/epee students

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM a youth sabre training class, functional warm up drills for youth fencing classes, games for fencing development, sabre footwork, practice teaching type sabre lessons for youths 7-9 years old

Saturday afternoon – 1:00 PM – 2:45 PM – teaching and training type lessons and skills all weapons

3-5 PM Meal Break

Saturday evening 5:00 – 8 PM Training lessons for intermediate and advanced fencers


8 AM -12 Noon practice developing a fluid teaching and training lesson

12 Noon to 3 PM Moniteur/Prevot practical exam testing for the USFCA is offered. If no tests are required, continued work on improving the Teaching and Training lessons.

If you are an amateur coach who is interested in getting certified there are steps you should do in advance to get the most from the clinic.

Look over the Moniteur and Prevot Exam Study Guides at the USFCA website.

The study guides will help you prepare for the online Moniteur or Prevot exams. It also has some suggested reading and an outline of what will be taught at the clinics.

We will follow the list of terms, footwork, blade work, and tactics listed in the study guide at the clinics. If you show mastery of these techniques at the clinic, we can go on to more advanced material. This will help you get the most out of the clinic.

Register Here.

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