Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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The US Fencing Coaches Association exists to serve the Fencing community, by providing instruction and support to coaches and by providing nationally & internationally recognized certification. We encourage and welcome competitors, administrators and parents to join the USFCA and contribute to the growth of the sport.

Use these Links to explore the benefits & services of the organization, membership fees and methods of joining.

Membership BenefitsMinimize

The US Fencing Coaches Association is the only organization in the United States dedicated to the needs, interests and promotion of Fencing Coaches. We also encourage and welcome fencers, administrators and anyone who loves the sport to join.

USFCA Members have a unique set of benefits, unavailable through any other coaching or fencing organization.

Find A Coach List:
As a member, you may list yourself on the USFCA website's “Find a Coach” list, providing an easy method for prospective students to locate you and your club. 

Point In Line periodical:
You will receive access to the Point in Line eZine via the website, one of the most respected periodicals in the world for fencing coaches. Members also have full access to the archived copies of Point in Line and the former periodical The Swordmaster on the website. 

Of course, one of the core benefits of membership in the Coaches Association is the opportunity to become certified, or increase your certification level. The USFCA examines and certifies coaches at the four levels recognized internationally by the International Academy of Arms (Academie d'Armes International - AAI) and its member organizations. For more information about the certification levels and examination process, please refer to the Certification area of this website.

Clinics & Workshops:
The USFCA hosts national and regional coaching clinics, featuring many of the top coaches and professionals from the US and from around the world. Members earn continuing eduation credits from these clinics, as well as top-notch coaching instruction. Many clinics provide a discount for USFCA members.

Annual Conference:
Each year, coaches from around the country come together for a long weekend of education, recognition, examinations and networking.  This conference is held in a different part of the country each year.  Nationally and internationally recognized coaches are brought in to give presentations of coaching, teaching methodology, techniques for instruction, and other topics pertinent to coaching and training.  

Website Features:
As a member, you will have access to special areas on the USFCA website, including  

  • articles on coaching and fencing,
  • an archive of The Swordmaster and Point in Line magazines,
  • an archive of thesis papers from Masters candidates,
  • online video of world class coaches,
  • other coaching materials,
  • a forum for members (in development)
  • classified ads - members may post ads for the public to see (in development)

New Member Kit:
New members will receive a packet containing information about the USFCA, a membership card and the officially recognized glossary of fencing terms.



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