Friday, November 17, 2017
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The USFCA is an AAI Certified organization and as thus can award the titles of Master, Prevot, Moniteur and Assistant Moniteur to coaches that pass those respective levels of certification. While other members of the USFCA may have credentials from other entities this listing is provided as a service for finding fencing instruction from USFCA certified coaches who are active members.  If you are interested in determining if an individual has previously been certified by the USFCA but may not currently be an active member please send email to usfca_certification_verification .

Masters LevelMinimize
Peter Burchard CA  View Details
Edwin Hurst CA  View Details
R. Cole Harkness CA  View Details
Jo Redmon CA  View Details
Robert Handelman CA  View Details
Ted Katzoff CA  View Details
James White CA  View Details
Abdelmonem Salem CO  View Details
Mel North CO  View Details
Gene Gettler GA  View Details
Walid Mahran Georgia  View Details
Steven Behrends IA  View Details
Laurence Schiller IL  View Details
Janusz Steplowski IL  View Details
Michael A. DeCicco IN  View Details
Paul Geraci IN  View Details
Janusz Bednarski IN  View Details
Paul Sise MA  View Details
Bill Shipman MA  View Details
Raymond Finkleman MD  View Details
John Krauss ME  View Details
Gil Pezza MI  View Details
Enrique Alvarez ND  View Details
Michel A. Sebastiani NJ  View Details
Dave Micahnik NJ  View Details
Robert Madril NM  View Details
Ed Richards NV  View Details
Yves Auriol NV  View Details
George Kolombatovich NY  View Details
Jerry Benson OK  View Details
Carolyn Gresham-Fiegel OK  View Details
Wieslaw R. Glon PA  View Details
James Flint PA  View Details
Mark Masters PA  View Details
Mark Holbrow PA  View Details
Rick Thompson SC  View Details
Margaret Readi De Long TX  View Details
vinnie bradford TX  View Details
Gary van der Wege TX  View Details
Walter Green VA  View Details
Wang Yung WA  View Details
Anthony Gillham WI  View Details
Archie Simonson WI  View Details

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