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Services to the Coaching Community


The following is a partial list of USFCA services and programs. The USFCA officers can provide further information on these or any other member services.

Guild Academy Program

Guild Academies are those clubs or schools who have committed to ensuring that their staff maintains membership in the Coaches Association, as proof of their professionalism and continuing coaching instruction.  Guild Academies are listed on the website.  Clubs must submit a request and meet certain criteria to be classified as a Guild Academy.

Certificate of Attendance & Continuing Education Credits

This program allows Full members in good standing who host a clinic to provide all attendees with a certificate acknowledging their involvement in a program given by a recognized and certified USFCA member. Additionally, USFCA members (including those who join at the clinic) will be awarded CEU credits for their time spent at the clinic. The Continuing Education Credits will be applicable towards re-certifying a club's Guild Academy status, and for verifying on-going attendance at USFCA clinics.

If you are the host of a clinic, please contact your Regional Vice President, the Executive Vice President or the USFCA President with your clinic information, and they'll coordinate the attendance and CEU certificates with you. There is no charge or fee for this service.

USFCA Regional Coaches’ Clinic Program

Regional Coaches’ Clinics are held under the direction of the Regional Vice President. There should be ate least one Regional Coaches’ Clinic each fencing season. The format may vary (week end, three days, five days), but notification should be published in the SwordMaster and on this website. Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance. All staff at the clinics will be accredited Full members of the USFCA.

High School Coaches Training Program

This program is expanding in the Northeast and in the Southeast, training high school instructors and coaches in burgeoning high school leagues.

“Position Wanted” Listing

An ad will be placed in The Point in Line and on the website for any Associate or Full Member in good standing who is seeking work as a fencing teacher or coach.

“Position Available” Listing

Anyone, (member or non-member), or any organization actively searching for a coach or teacher of fencing for a Club, School, Camp, Clinic, College, University or any other position involving the teaching of fencing or stage combat may place an ad in The Swordmaster.

Clinic or Fencing Camp Listing

Associates or Full Members of the USFCA planning to host a fencing camp, a fencing clinic, or a coaches camp or clinic, can have a notice of the event placed in The Swordmaster and on the website.

Certificate of Attendance Program

Full members in good standing (Moniteur, Prevost, or Master) have the opportunity to present fencers who participate in a clinic or camp under their direction a certificate acknowledging participation in a training program given by a certified USFCA member.

Travel Grant Program

This program offers grants to coaches to assist in their travel expenses to either the USFCA Annual Coaches Conference or to the USFA Coaches College.  The USFCA is dedicated to aiding fencing coaches in obtaining quality training.

Minority/Women's Training Program

Offered in conjunction with the NCAA, this program provides fully funded workshops for minority or women fencing coaches.  As of August, 2008, two workshops have been offered through this program, with an attendance of over 15 coaches at each workshop.
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