About Us

Mission Statement

The USFCA empowers coaches to advance the sport of fencing through professional development, certification, and leadership.

What is the USFCA?

The United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, providing education and professional training to everyone interested in teaching, coaching, and the welfare of the sport of Fencing in the United States of America.

We are members of the Académie d’Armes Internationale (AAI). Therefore, all USFCA certifications are recognized in all member AAI countries. We have recently entered into a strategic alliance with USA Fencing for the purpose of certifying instructors, creating educational opportunities, and promoting the sport of fencing. 

Message to potential employers and fencing parents:

Safesport Awareness

While the USFCA cannot recommend specific coaches, we can promote best practices for those who are looking for a fencing coach. Always make sure any coach you plan to work with or hire is current on their Safe Sport and Background check and that they’re not on the USA Fencing Ineligible and Suspended list or the US Center for SafeSport Disciplinary Database. In order to earn a USFCA certification you must be safe sport certified and a background check on file with any NGB (National Governing Body).


Be the leader in fencing coaching education in the US

Provide a community for fencing coaches

Be a strong advocate and independent voice for fencing coaches


Excellence in safe instruction

Continual professional development

Respect for colleagues, students, and the fencing community at large

Ethical coaching

Diversity and inclusion

Transparency in all processes


  1. Provide increased opportunities for training and certification to fencing coaches both online and with face-to-face clinics                   
  2. Foster a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and ethical culture that reflects the core values of the organization
  3. Be the leading voice for fencing coaches in the U.S.
  4. Optimize leadership and operational effectiveness

What is the AAI (Académie d’Armes Internationale)

The AAI has among its purposes to contribute to the development of principles, rules
techniques and methods of teaching of fencing in all its forms.

Leadership and Committees

Staff, Executive, Professional Development, Collegiate


 Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in the Coaching & Teaching of Fencing

Award of Merit for Career Contributions in the Coaching & Teaching of Fencing

 The Coach of the Year (the Deladrier Sword)


  Diversity and Inclusion 

The USFCA values diversity and inclusion within our coaching ranks. We recognize that when
there is diversity at the table, when women, men, people of all colors, ethnic backgrounds,
dis/ability levels and age and the LBGTQ community come together bringing their unique views,
the highest quality ideas, products, and roadmaps emerge. This is the path for organizational
progress and growth. More..

The first meeting leading to the formation of the United States Fencing Coaches Association was held in 1941 at the first National Collegiate Fencing Championships, held at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.