Certification candidate feedback

Certification candidate feedback

About the examiner:

During the exam:

Examiners were professional, encouraging, fair; and not patronizing, dismissive, or insulting(Required)
They did not interject many comments or make excessive requests of the candidate during the exam.(Required)
Stayed neutral about other Masters, coaches or systems(Required)
The examiner may correct but did not insist on the candidate making the changes.(Required)
Asked questions inside the scope of the USFCA published study guides and used the recommended questions document for guidelines. If not, what did they ask?(Required)
For the oral exam the examiners asked questions that match the level of the exam.(Required)

At the conclusion of the exam

Asked the examinee to return, showed and discussed with the examinee the grades and his or her performance(Required)
Examiners used the official score sheet(Required)
Clearly told the examinee if they passed or failed and why(Required)
At the end of the test the examiner offered feedback as to what needs improvement.(Required)
Completed all scoring paperwork and give the Proof of Exam to the candidate.(Required)
If the candidate did not pass, the examiner offered advice in preparation for the next time(Required)
The exam was a positive educational experience(Required)
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