Everything You Wanted to Know about Epee and More

An In-depth View of How to Coach Epee from Youth to Elite Fencers

This series of seven clinics, with 21 total epee sessions, developed from Maître Handelman’s years of coaching epee and teaching three weapon coach clinics for the USFCA and internationally.

The goal is for the epee coach to learn how to deliver improved higher level epee lessons. Coaches who take all the sessions will learn a progression of material for a comprehensive epee background, and the practical ability to translate the techniques to any level lesson. The clinics will progress from how to coach and cue correctly, to detailed information on all epee techniques, and finish with teaching lessons and advanced high level option lessons. While watching the video sessions it is suggested you have a student, or another coach, to actively practice all the drills that will be presented. After a drill is shown by the leads, the coach should take time to repeat it as much as needed.

Clinic #1 How to coach in a lesson

The coach’s positioning, the targets offered, footwork, blade work, and essential aspects a coach needs to teach one on one. Specialized footwork, blade positions, timing of when to make actions, and distance for hitting. Preparations are discussed that make it easier to successfully land a hit and how the coach and student can use them.

Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson