Moniteur (Level 3) – Written Exam · November 29, 2023

The Moniteur level is a professional level fencing certification that is designed primarily for those wishing to teach or coach fencing in club, community and school programs without direct supervision. They give group classes and individual lessons to recreational beginners and up to intermediate level fencers that compete.

A Moniteur candidate should know how to care for personal fencing equipment, teach correct technical execution of various types of footwork, blade work (simple actions, compound actions, parries, counter attacks) and be familiar with basic fencing theory and tactics.

This level of certification is achieved by first passing a written online examination. Then the candidate will schedule an oral and practical examination under the supervision of two USFCA Fencing Prévôts or one Fencing Master who are Board certified. Fencing instructors can receive Moniteur certification in one weapon, two weapons or all three weapons. Each weapon is tested separately.

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