Notable Coach Certification Equivalency Application

David Anthony Sierra · March 17, 2024

As part of the member services and outreach programs of the United States Fencing Coaches Association, the Notable Coach Certification Equivalency Program has been established. It intends to award proper certification levels to member coaches who do not have a USFCA certification, or whose certification has not kept pace with their accomplishments. This program is separate from the Foreign Certification Equivalency Program which awards equivalent certification ranks granted either by other AAI-member national academies or other foreign certification bodies. It is also separate from the Coaches College Equivalency Program, which awards equivalent certification ranks for completion of the USFA Coaches College that was held in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

Candidates for Notable Coach Certification Equivalency will be evaluated on metrics in the following categories:
• College Degrees and Higher Education Coursework
• Students’ Competitive Results
• Sport Coaching Education (e.g. USFA Coaches College, USFCA clinics, etc)
• Leadership Roles in the Fencing Community
• Personal Competitive Results and Refereeing Experience

Candidates are asked to fill out the following form (except for the last page) and upload it to through the learning management system on the USFCA website, as well as any additional supporting documents to provide proof of claims. Candidates will be evaluated on an objective scale, and points awarded for each category. It is important to note that there is a maximum point score for each category, so additional details of similar type are not needed (for example, only give the best results for 5 students in each weapon).
Once the candidate’s application has been evaluated by USFCA Staff, it will be forwarded along with a recommendation to the CAB at their monthly meeting held the first week of the month. The goal is to process applications and return decisions within 30 days. In rare cases, additional supporting information may be asked for.

Candidates will be awarded equivalency certification in one or more weapons corresponding to current USFCA Certifications. One application is sufficient for all three weapons.

As of note: the USFCA has adopted the requirements published by USA Fencing with regards to SafeSport training and Background Checks. Candidates applying for the Notable Coach Certification Equivalency Program must be current on these requirements.

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