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December 27-29, 2019

International Coaching Clinic

International Fencing Alliance of Dallas


Learn How to Train Olympians by one of the best Coaches in the World; Daniel Levavasseur (France)-EPEE and Fabio Galli (Italy) FOIL. Clinic for any level of Foil&Epee Coaches, Fencers& Parents welcome. Coaches’ Exam given by USFCA Maitre d’Armes. 

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Feburary 8-9, 2020

Transformative and Creative Approaches to Fencing Series Clinic #2

Nova Fencing Club. Fall Church, VA

This is clinic # 2 of the series Transformative and creative approaches to coaching fencing. As in the first clinic, Maitre Emmanuil Kaidanov and Gil Pezza will act as facilitators and not as lecturers. This clinic will be a high-intensity clinic in which participants will have pre-clinic assignments, clinic overnight assignment; and will be constantly challenged in interactive discussions and creative group problem-solving exercises. Expect an early clinic start, working lunch and the clinic to stretch late in the evening.

The goals of the clinics in this series is to teach individuals coaches how to think as fencing coaches and not whatto teach. To that end, this clinic follows a teaching methodology predicated on the development of a progression of abilities (rather than skills) aimed at helping coaches develop their very own methodology.

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 March 25-31, 2020 USFCA San Francisco Regional and International Coaches Clinic 2020

Halberstadt Fencers’ Club: San Francisco, CA

Fencing Masters Peter Burchard and Robert Handelman invite all level coaches to join us at Halberstadt Fencers Club in San Francisco for the West Coast Regional and International USFCA Coaches’ Clinic. Our guest coaches Maître George Platt (coach of Doris and David Willette) will assist in foil and épée and Maitre Connie Louie in sabre and sports psychology. 

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March 27-29, 2020

USFCA Midwest Coaching Clinic

DMACC Ankeny Campus

Basics of fencing, tools of the trade, foil and epee individual lessons with Masetros Laurie Schiller and Paul Geraci. 

For more information contact: Steven Behrends

 March 28-29, 2020

 USFCA Foil Coaching Clinic at Temple University 

Nat Goodhartz, the first woman to be a U.S. National Head Coach and Nikki Franke, one of the winningest NCAA Fencing Coaches ever, team up to put on a USFCA Coaching Clinic at Temple University. This clinic will take participants through a logical step by step progression of material that will help coaches understand principles of exercise sciences and their application to teaching fencing and how to create an individual lesson for a variety of situations and levels. Coaches of all levels will benefit from the information and experiences provided at this clinic.

For more information contact Nikki Franke:           

 May 25 – June 5, 2020

Global Fencing Masters @ Duke University

Global Fencing Masters program at Duke University

This will be the 3rd edition, offering all 3 weapons practice, collective and private pedagogical teaching process.
Evening theoretical courses will be dispensed with Duke experts:
– Fencing theory and pedagogy
– Specific physical training
– Rules and refereeing theory and practice
– Strip side coaching and communication process
– Training season plan methodology
– Mental training

For more information contact: Christophe Dulcos

June 6-7

Fundamental Technical Elements of Coaching the Individual Saber Lesson

Cutting Edge Fencing Center, North Richland Hills, TX

Coaches will be instructed in methodologies of individual lesson instruction including the technical elements of cuing, calibration, fixing, and release. Pedagogy utilizing both blade and distance will be presented with an emphasis on the implications of Maitre Sierra’s work on classification of footwork preparations as applied to the coach. Participants will work on taking a basic structure of a lesson, and then modifying different aspects of distance and timing to train different capacities on the part of the student. Attendees are encouraged to bring a student or students to work with, otherwise students will be provided from the host club (students will have the opportunity to work with various different instructors over the course of the weekend).

For more information contact: David Sierra

June 5-7

Border Texas Foil and Epee Coaching Clinic

Salle De Long Fencing Center. El Paso, TX

This fencing certification course will be taught by Maestros Maragret De Long and Vinnie Bradford. Moniteur and Prevost level will focus on teaching fencing methodology, drill types and progression, techniques and tactics, fitness and exercise, safety and risk management, rules and fencing terminology as well as planning group lessons. Participants will concentrate their studies in one out of the two fencing specialties (foil or epee). The knowledge gained through the first level of certification will allow the coach to teach group recreational fencing classes in a club, community centers, and school base programs without direct supervision. The second level, Prevot is an advanced level for coaches who are teaching in competitive programs.

For more information contact: Margaret De Long





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