Certificate in Historical Fencing

The USFCA offers member coaches who are already certified at the Moniteur, Prevot, or Master level the opportunity to earn additional certification in Historical Fencing with a separate practical and oral examination. This exam can be done in Rapier, Longsword, or both. Each weapon is tested separately.

With the recent growth in popularity of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), many professional fencing coaches find themselves teaching or even specializing in rapier and longsword, and wish to demonstrate through certification that they are the safe and professional alternative to the unfortunately all too frequent backyard amateur claiming to be an expert on the internet. The practical exam is similar to the Moniteur exam, and focuses on safety, proper use of protective equipment, and the fundamental skills such as footwork, offense, defense, and invitations, that are related to each weapon. Expertise in a specific historical or regional style (for instance German or Italian longsword) is not necessary.