Two Types of Fencing Coaching Clinics

Choose the one right for your Fencing Community

Professional Development ClinicWhile the preparation of coaches through the NCDP is a major part of our clinic program, we also encourage Professional Development (PD) Clinics. PD Clinics can focus on a variety of topics and can be held online in addition to in person instruction. CEUs are issued for all DP ClinicsNational Coaching Development Clinic NCDP clinics are a series of clinics designed to take an entry level coach from Assistant Moniteur (Level 2) to Fencing Master (Level 5). All NCDP clinics must follow a specified curriculum as well as meet the National Standards for Fencing Coaching Clinics and all instructor(s) must be USFCA certified Coach Developers. CEUs are issued for all NCDP Clinics

Choose the one right for your Fencing Community

Choose which type you would like to host and begin your planning today! Click on the above links to learn about the two different types of clinic, choose the type that would best serve your fencing community and follow the steps to organizing a coaching clinic in your club, school or organization.

Why host a USFCA Clinic? 

Hosting a USFCA clinic is a major way to ensure continued growth and excellence within our sport.

Clinics benefit your entire fencing community. They offer a chance for fencers and coaches to work with other fencing professionals in learning and sharing knowledge, new and established theory and the practice of our sport. The clinics support coaches’ development from the beginning level through to Master.

With your help, USFCA will ensure that our coaches Increase their knowledge base and gain recognition through approved level-based certification.

Requirements for all USFCA National Coaching Development Program and Professional Development Clinics:

  • All USFCA approved clinics must meet USFCA National Coaching Clinic Standards.
  • All USFCA clinics are peer reviewed by members of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) to ensure that they meet the USFCA standards. 
  • All USFCA clinics will award continuing education (CE) hours to USFCA member participants. Presenters are also awarded CE hours for professional development. CEUs awarded from a USFCA Clinic are recognized by USA Fencing.
  • All USFCA approved clinics are advertised on our website, emailed to the membership, and posted on USFCA’s social media accounts.
  • All USFCA approved coaching clinics are open to all fencing coaches. USFCA members receive a discount to USFCA Clinics. The USFCA is committed to preparing coaches to teach the theory and practice of fencing, but also all other aspects that impact the teaching and coaching of our sport.

If you need any help organizing your NCDP clinic or have any questions please contact Vinnie Bradford 817-995-2535 or send an email to