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NCDP 3-day Core Clinic

139 W. Maple Ave., Monrovia, CA, 91016
February 09, 2024 to February 11, 2024

Fee for USFCA members: $425
Fee for non-USFCA members: $525
Organizer: Elsayed Emara | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Weapons: Foil,Epee,Saber


Want to earn a certification? Elevate and expand your coaching? Learn from top-level Coach Developers! NCDP Level 3, 4, and 5 Clinic – Foil, Épée and Sabre - Coming to L.A. - Certification and Higher-Level Professional Development Coaches Workshop Join us in a three-weapon core National Coaching Development Clinic (NCDP) that provides the fencing coach in training (CIT) comprehensive 3 days of 24 hours of continuing education and or professional development. This year due to the Olympics there will be no Coaches Academy. However, the L.A. area will host NCDP presenters including our Epee National Coach and Maître’s that have developed some of the most competitive and successful Youth Programs in the U.S. Come join Coach Developers: Elsayed Emara, Maître d’Épée Franco Cerutti, Maître d’Armes Rob Handelman, D.C., Maître d’Armes Connie Louie-Handelman, PhD, Maître de Sabre Our L.A. clinic is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics, making it suitable for Moniteur (level 3) up to high-level Prévôt (Level 4) and Maître (Level 5). Topics cover Group Drills, Coaching Cues, structure for individual Option Lessons, Footwork for Coaches and Fencers, Single and Multiple-Tempo actions, Preparations With and Without the Blade, and Tactical Adaptations for advanced fencers. The clinic is a valuable opportunity for coaches to learn new skills and improve their teaching methods. The clinic will be divided into 6 segments, each with a different topic focus. Formative assessments will be conducted after each 4-hour segment of the clinic. These assessments will be used to gauge the coaches' understanding of the material and to identify any areas where they need additional support. The clinic will also include lectures on sports psychology, training cycles, and teaching methods for running a successful low-turnover youth program.

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