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Classical Fencing Demonstrator Course

May 15, 2021 to November 30, -0001

Fee for USFCA members: $112.5
Fee for non-USFCA members: $150.00
Organizer: Walter G. Green III | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Weapons: Foil,Epee,Sabre


The Classical Fencing Demonstrator Course is the first in a series of four coach development courses taught by the Classical Academy of Arms. These courses teach how to teach fencing as it was fenced in the period 1880-1939, a period of rich and complex bladework which laid the basis for modern fencing. As such it is of value for any coach interested in the history of fencing or in the development of a classical fencing program in the club. In addition, the course is delivered as a thoroughly modern coach development course, as part of a program that addresses a wide variety of topics addressed in the National Standards for Sports Coaches. The course is taught on Moodle, an educational standard teaching platform with assigned readings, in depth discussion, and practical teaching assignments submitted by video or in real time by Zoom. The Classical Academy of Arms is the only fencing coach educational program accredited by the National Committee for the Accreditation of Coach Education, and is a member of the United States Center for Coaching Excellence and the International Council for Coaching Excellence. Open enrolment starts 15 May 2021. Twenty-five weekly course sections to be completed at the participants’ own pace. The course is taught at the high school graduate and the college or university undergraduate level.

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