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Transformative and Creative Approaches to Fencing Series: Clinic #2
From Saturday, February 08, 2020
To Sunday, February 09, 2020
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This is clinic # 2 of the series Transformative and creative approaches to coaching fencing.
As in the first clinic, Maitre Emmanuil Kaidanov and Gil Pezza will act as facilitators and not as lecturers. This clinic will be a high-intensity clinic in which participants will have pre-clinic assignments, clinic overnight assignment; and will be constantly challenged in interactive discussions and creative group problem-solving exercises. Expect an early clinic start, working lunch and the clinic to stretch late in the evening.
The goals of the clinics in this series is to teach individuals coaches how to think as fencing coaches and not whatto teach. To that end, this clinic follows a teaching methodology predicated on the development of a progression of abilities (rather than skills) aimed at helping coaches develop their very own methodology.

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Location Nova Fencing Club: Falls Church, VA