Hosting a USFCA Coaches Clinic


Why host a USFCA Clinic? It will benefit your fencers, parents and assistant coaches. It is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with other coaches, and, if certification practicals are offered, will allow local coaches to be tested with less expense. Your club can generate funds, publicity and develop a relationship with local businesses. Coaching clinics support coaches’ professional development at all levels, from beginning coach to master coach. In short, hosting a USFCA clinic is one of the major ways that you, as a member coach, can help with the teaching of the theory and practice of our sport. The USFCA wants to help you help our coaches grow in their knowledge, certify coaches at the levels they deserve, and to help your organization or club host a financially successful event.


Types of Clinics. The USFCA is committed to preparing its member coaches to not only teach the theory and practice of fencing, but also to all other aspects that impact the teaching and coaching of our sport. So, while the preparation of coaches to take certification exams is a major part of our clinic program, we also encourage clinics to teach beginning coaches basic fencing technique and theory, to hold clinics on starting and managing club programs, coaching youth, high school, and collegiate programs, and such topics as strength and conditioning training, sports medicine, and sports psychology. If there is a clinic that coaches can use, we will consider it.


Planning is critical. We strongly recommend that you begin planning at least 6 months in advance. Contact nearby division officers to avoid conflicts and coordinate with the coaches who will be your attendees and your presenters months in advance to ensure good attendance. If you need help finding presenters contact the Chair of the USFCA’s Professional Development Committee (PDC). Coaching clinics are generally scheduled weekends, which will allow coaches that work weekdays to travel and attend your clinics.  


If you plan to give certification exams, remember that you will need coaches who are current USFCA members and have been certified to give the exams. In addition you will need 2 Prevots or 1 Master for a Moniteur exam, 2 Masters for a Prevot exam, and 3 Masters for a Masters exam. Contact these coaches well in advance so your examination boards will be complete for those who are taking the exams. Contact the Chair of the USFCA’s Certification and Accreditation Board (CAB) if you need help finding examiners.


Gaining USFCA sanction. To gain official USFCA sanction, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Download these forms:
    1. Coaching Clinic Application
    2. Participant Clinic Evaluation Form
    3. Organizer’s Evaluation Form
  2. Fill out the application form and submit it to the address at the bottom of the form. Please note that you must fill it out completely, including such things as the curriculum and schedule of events for the clinic, information for the presenters, and, if you intend to do certification testing, a list of examiners.
  3. If you need help in putting together any information on the form, or desire help in putting a clinic together, please contact the Chair of the PDC and/or your Regional VP (contact list may be found on the USFCA Website). 
  4. When you have completed the application form, please submit it to the Chair of the PDC (address on the application form). Applications submitted in a timely manner, three months in advance, will receive priority consideration and guaranteed promotion on the USFCA website and in any USFCA email blasts. 

The PDC Chair will make sure it is complete, have the Professional Development Committee examine the curriculum and examiners, if appropriate, and then, if it meets our specifications, approve it and notify you of that fact. Send us any advertising links, such as, so we may put the most complete information and we will put it on the USFCA Web site to help you get the best attendance possible.

  1. If you make any significant changes to the clinic as approved, such as an additional day, a change of curriculum, a new presenter, or a cancellation of the clinic, you MUST notify both your regional VP and Coach Schiller by email or letter. Any changes that, in our opinion, would affect the value of the clinic, can result in the rescinding of USFCA sanction.
  2. If you are doing testing, be sure and download the necessary forms under the “Certification” menu on the USFCA web site. Remember that the CAB must certify all examiners and that written tests must be passed before practicals can be given. Make sure you are familiar with all of the information about testing. Make it clear in all your publicity that the attendees must take and pass the online written USFCA Moniteur or Prevot exam before they get to the clinic. Practical exams will not be given if they have not passed the written exam. Attendees should bring with them proof of USFCA membership and email confirmation that they have passed the online exam and paid online for the practical exam(s).  No exam fees are to be paid to the clinic organizers since this is always done online at the USFCA website.
  3. The USFCA has an Incentive Reward Program which will pay the clinic organizers $20 per USFCA member that attends their clinic. To earn the incentive rewards you must submit the following:
    1. At the end of your clinic, you must give the participants the “Participant Clinic Evaluation Form”, which you should have downloaded in #1. Along with the Organizers’ Evaluation Form, these must be submitted to the Chair of the PDC at the address on the form within two weeks of the conclusion of the clinic.
  4. If participants need/want a certificate of participation, please submit their names and contact information on the Organizers’ Evaluation Form. The Secretary will record their information and send them the certificate. 
  5. All paperwork associated with any exams given must be sent to the CAB as soon as possible. 


Thank you for hosting a USFCA clinic and please contact Vincent Bradford at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Vinnie Bradford

2919 6th Ave.

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