USFCA Clinics

List of clinics


ID Clinic Name Host Start Date End Date
52Clinic ImageNortheast Regional Clinic at Fairfield Fencing AcademyPaul Sise2021-12-042021-12-05
57Clinic ImageSan Francisco Regional USFCA Coaches Clinic 2022Rob Handelman2022-01-272022-01-30
54Clinic ImageWFencing Coaches Clinic with Nat Goodhartz & Christine GriffithWFencing 2022-04-022021-11-14


ID Clinic Name Host Date
45Clinic ImageSo you want to be a fencing coach.Paul Sise2021-01-10
46Clinic ImageEverything You Wanted to know about Epee and More: For an In-depth View of How to Coach EpeeRob Handelman2021-02-10
42Clinic ImageCoaching Fencing Students with Special NeedsPaul Sise2021-04-18
43Clinic ImageClassical Fencing Demonstrator CourseWalter G. Green III2021-05-15
47Clinic ImageAssistant Moniteur and Moniteur Foil WorkshopVincent2021-09-11
51Clinic ImageBorder Texas Fencing Coaches Certification ClinicSalle De Long Fencers2021-10-08
55Clinic ImagePresident's Coaching ClinicPeter Burchard2021-10-20

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