USFCA Clinics

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ID Clinic Name Host Location Start Date End Date
137Fortune Fencing - Three Day NCDP Core ClinicRob HandelmanMonrovia, CA09/27/202409/29/2024


ID Clinic Name Host Location Date
132Kokopelli Moab Veteran Womens Fencing RetreatJulie SealUT05/30/2024
138West Coast Coaching ClinicTedd PadgettCA05/23/2024
136Duke City Fencing - NCDP Core ClinicEvandro OliveiraNM05/18/2024
135USFCA Coach Developer Training: May 7, 12-2 pm CSTDavid Sierraonline05/07/2024
130USFCA Spring 2024 NCDP Core Clinic Paul SiseMA05/04/2024
133High-Engagement Epee Clinic for Fencing CoachesGreg KaidanovVA04/19/2024
128Foundations of Group Teaching for FencingVinnie Bradfordonline03/10/2024
125NCDP - Foundations of Group Teaching for FencingVinnie Bradfordonline11/16/2023
122 NCDP Core Clinic - Defensive and Counter Offensive...Paul SiseMA10/21/2023
124NCDP Core Clinic - The Individual LessonMargaret De Long and Evandro Oliveira TX10/14/2023
117NCDP Level 3,4,5 - Foil and EpeeGreg Jones and Rob HandelmanWA09/07/2023
121NCDP Level 2 Clinic - EpeeKevin MarWA08/12/2023
116High Performance Coaches WorkshopBeverly Hills Fencers' ClubCA08/05/2023
119Dwight Smith SpeaksVincent BradfordAZ07/01/2023
108NCDP Level 3A Offensive - Foil and Epee Mark L. MastersPA05/14/2023
104 Creating a More Inclusive Fencing Environment for...WFencing (Cathleen Randall/Jennifer Oldham)online05/07/2023
96NCDP Level 3B Defensive - All WeaponsRandall HindsNC05/06/2023
87NCDP Level 3A Offensive - All WeaponsPaul SiseMA04/29/2023
101NCDP Level 2 - All WeaponsM. d'A Mark L.Masters M.A.EPA04/15/2023
95NCDP Level 3A Offensive - All WeaponsRandall HindsNC04/07/2023
105Games, Games, Games!WFencing (Cathleen Randall/Jennifer Oldham)online04/02/2023
106NCDP Coach Developer Training CourseKate Sierra online04/02/2023
102 Meet USA Women's Epee National Coach Natalie...WFencing (Cathleen Randall/Jennifer Oldham)online03/30/2023
92NCDP Level 2 Clinic - All WeaponsDavid DeanOK03/18/2023
93NCDP Level 2 Clinic - Foil and EpeeNancy ReynoldsME03/11/2023
84NCDP Level 2 Clinic - FoilJulie SealUT02/11/2023
94 WFencing + ICONS Transgender Inclusion and Impacts...WFencing (Cathleen Randall/Jennifer Oldham)online01/31/2023
80 Injury Prevention for Women in Fencing with Dr....WFencing (Cathleen Randall/Jennifer Oldham)online12/04/2022
79 Coaching Clinic: The role of the Moniteur and the...Silvia BrandtTX11/19/2022
78 Kit's Secret Sauce: The Recipe for Growing and...Kit Boeschonline10/18/2022
75Teaching Patton's Point FencingRick Thompsononline09/24/2022
77The Group Fencing ClassVinnie BradfordTX09/17/2022
73Gulf Coast Foil Coaching ClinicLiz MayerichTX08/20/2022
76 High-Performance Coaches Workshop with Maitre...Carla CorbitCA08/13/2022
72WFencing 2022 Coaching ColloquiumJen OldhamNC07/31/2022
70Coaches AcademyUSFCA07/26/2022
74Mini Foil Coaching ClinicVincent BradfordNM07/10/2022
71UW-Whitewater Fencing Coach CampBrian DuckwitzWI06/15/2022
69Fencing and Autism: Unexpected BenefitsJulie Sealonline05/02/2022
66 Northeast Regional Intermediate Level Coaching...Paul SiseCT04/30/2022
63Teaching Hutton's Sabre System of the 1890sWalter G. Green IIIonline04/02/2022
54 WFencing Coaches Clinic with Nat Goodhartz &...WFencing NY04/02/2022
64 Epee Clinic. The Individual Lesson: what, when and...Silvia Brandt SiemTX04/02/2022
67Classical Fencing Demonstrator CourseWalter G. Green IIIonline03/26/2022
60Fortune Fencing Coaches Clinic Elsayed EmaraCA03/26/2022
68Building Great People and Great AthletesWFencing/Jen Oldham (Presenter)online03/16/2022
57San Francisco Regional USFCA Coaches Clinic 2022Rob HandelmanCA01/27/2022
59PARA-Coaching ClinicGary van der WegeCA01/06/2022
61Games! Games! GamesSandra Marchant and Jennie Salmononline01/04/2022
52 Northeast Regional Clinic at Fairfield Fencing...Paul SiseCT12/04/2021
55President's Coaching ClinicPeter BurchardMD10/20/2021
51Border Texas Fencing Coaches Certification ClinicSalle De Long FencersTX10/08/2021
47Assistant Moniteur and Moniteur Foil WorkshopVincentTX09/11/2021
43Classical Fencing Demonstrator CourseWalter G. Green IIIonline05/15/2021
42Coaching Fencing Students with Special NeedsPaul Siseonline04/18/2021
46 Everything You Wanted to know about Epee and More:...Rob Handelmanonline02/10/2021
45So you want to be a fencing coach.Paul Siseonline01/10/2021

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