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Report on Coaches Academy 2019


Coaches Academy attracts international coaches


In late July among the rolling hills at the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia, twenty-six coach-trainees, including those from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, participated in the fourth annual USFCA Coaches Academy’s week of intensive coaches training and certification examinations.


The hands-on 6 hour long weapon-specific sessions included teaching group and individual lessons, plus special lectures on Armory for the Coach, Winning in the Box, Fencing as a Business, and Exercises for Injury Prevention for Fencing Coaches.  Each weapon group had a good instructor to student ratio of about 5 – 1.  


Twenty certification examinations were given for various levels.  Four moniteurs were earned, 8 prevots, and four maitres. “This is not the end,” said USFCA President Peter Burchard, “but just the beginning of the learning process and the journey of coaching careers.”


For the past two years the USFCA has awarded two scholarships per year to attend the Academy.  This year’s recipients were Princess Simpson Rashid from Jacksonville, FL and Myra Hall from Atlanta Fencers Club.  Coaches came from a wide variety of clubs and states, including California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia, as well as the Middle East.  


The exemplary staff included Maître Walid Mahran, Maître Mark Masters, Maître Paul Sise, Maître Peter Burchard, Olympian Dima Boyko and armory specialist Michael Mergens.


In the coming months look for more information on the 2020 USFCA Coaches Academy in Beaverton, Oregon