Clinic Host Evaluation

List of Participants: [USFCA ID#, Name, Credit Hours Awarded, Student's Email]

To qualify for the USFCA Coaches Clinic Rewards program, please attach a roster of the members and nonmembers attending your clinic.

PLEASE USE THIS Sampletemplate excel file

You can edit anything below row #2 in the file but please don't change the format of the template.

Process evaluation:

In a few sentences, please evaluate your USFCA clinic hosting process. Tell us what we did well, and how to improve.


Evaluation of the Clinic: In a few paragraphs, please evaluate your clinic. Do you feel it was successful? Didit live up to your expectations? Why or why not? Were there any problems? What were the strengths andweaknesses and would you change anything for the next time. We will use this information to create a databaseto help others plan clinics.