ID#: 263

Andy Gearhart

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Club| Boise Fencing Club
Club website|
State| Idaho
USFA ID#| 100002762
ACTIVE MEMBER | 2024-09-13


Level Weapon Specialty Date

USFCA Clinics Attended:

ID Title Instructor Date Credits
Clinic Image49Everything You Wanted to know about Epee and More: For an In-depth View of How to Coach EpeeRob Handelman2021-10-1542
Clinic Image132Games! Games! GamesSandra Marchant and Jennie Salmon2022-01-211
Clinic Image253Coaches AcademyUSFCA2022-08-0832
Clinic Image320Fencing and Autism: Unexpected BenefitsJulie Seal2022-08-241
Clinic Image400Kit's Secret Sauce: The Recipe for Growing and Sustaining a Great Fencing ClubKit Boesch2022-11-021
Clinic Image425USFCA Coach Developer TrainingRob Handelman2023-01-291
Clinic Image470USFCA Coach Developer TrainingRob Handelman2023-01-292
Clinic Image611Injury Prevention for Women in Fencing with Dr. Jeremy SummersWFencing (Cathleen Randall/Jennifer Oldham)2023-06-121
Clinic Image642Dwight Smith SpeaksVincent Bradford2023-07-261

USFCA Courses Attended/Completed:

Title date
Examiner training and certification2022-08-30 20:00:52
Coaching Principles (ASEP)2020-07-01 01:15:01
Sport First Aid2020-06-30 17:24:09

USFCA Written exams:

Title date
Prevot (Level 4) Written Exam2018-02-26 02:05:54
Examiner training and certification2022-08-30 20:00:47
Examiner training and certification2022-08-30 19:48:13

Practical exams paid:

Title date
Prevot (Level 4) Practical - Foil 2022-07-25 15:10:50

Other exams paid:

Title date