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Jeffrey Kallio

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Club| Forge Fencing Academy & Club
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State| North Carolina
ACTIVE MEMBER | 2025-03-12


Level Weapon Specialty Date

USFCA Clinics Attended:

ID Title Instructor Date Credits
Clinic Image197Building Great People and Great AthletesWFencing/Jen Oldham (Presenter)2022-04-201
Clinic Image319Fencing and Autism: Unexpected BenefitsJulie Seal2022-08-241
Clinic Image427USFCA Coach Developer TrainingRob Handelman2023-01-291
Clinic Image472USFCA Coach Developer TrainingRob Handelman2023-01-290
Clinic Image504NCDP Coach Developer Training CourseKate Sierra 2023-04-062
Clinic Image557WFencing + ICONS Transgender Inclusion and Impacts on Women's SportsWFencing (Cathleen Randall/Jennifer Oldham)2023-05-051
Clinic Image615Injury Prevention for Women in Fencing with Dr. Jeremy SummersWFencing (Cathleen Randall/Jennifer Oldham)2023-06-121

USFCA Clinics Instructed:

Title Organizer Date Credits
Clinic ImageWFencing 2022 Coaching ColloquiumJen Oldham2022-08-0936

USFCA Courses Attended/Completed:

Title date
Examiner training and certification2022-07-27 18:09:04

USFCA Written exams:

Title date
Examiner training and certification2022-07-27 18:08:32
Examiner training and certification2022-07-27 18:03:29

Practical exams paid:

Title date

Other exams paid:

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