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Margaret De Long

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Club| Salle De Long Fencers
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State| Texas
ACTIVE MEMBER | 2025-08-17


Level Weapon Specialty Date

USFCA Clinics Attended:

Title Instructor Date Credits
Clinic ImageGames! Games! GamesSandra Marchant and Jennie Salmon2022-01-211
Clinic ImageBuilding Great People and Great AthletesWFencing/Jen Oldham (Presenter)2022-04-201

USFCA Clinics Instructed:

Title Organizer Date Credits
Clinic ImageBorder Texas Fencing Coaches Certification ClinicSalle De Long Fencers2021-10-1222
Clinic ImageGulf Coast Foil Coaching ClinicLiz Mayerich2022-09-1413

USFCA Courses Attended/Completed:

Title date
Examiner training and certification2022-02-06 02:08:09

USFCA Written exams:

Title date
Examiner training and certification2022-02-06 02:06:20
Examiner training and certification2022-02-06 02:07:04

Practical exams paid:

Title date

Other exams paid:

Title date