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Practical Exam or Apprenticeship (L2S)

In preparation for the practical exam, the candidate should refer to the appropriate study guides and how-to documents for their desired certification level.

All candidates must take the practical exam in each weapon, separately. There is no time limit between practical exams for the various weapons. Assistant Moniteurs may instead complete an apprenticeship. The required logsheet for this apprenticeship is in the Documents section of this course, accessed from the menu on the left.

All levels can certify in one or more weapons, i.e., Master of Foil, Prévôt of Sabre and Foil, Moniteur of Epee, Master of Arms. The candidate can test in any of the three weapons , one at a time after passing the written test.

Practical exams consist of a demonstration of the candidate’s ability to instruct fencing to individuals or groups. The examiner(s) may request specific actions or methods or ask questions, but the candidate should have planned material to demonstrate.

After the practical exam, the Board member(s) will tell the results to the candidate, discuss the exam and answer the candidate’s questions. The head examiner will copy the results on the appropriate forms and forward them to the Secretary of the Certifcation and Accreditation Board. All fees must be paid online.

The candidate will receive a certificate from the USFCA if they pass the exam.