Participant evaluation

Participant evaluation

Course Organization and Communication

1. The clinic schedule clearly defined the expectations of the clinic.
2. The instructor was effective and gave clear explanations.
3. The instructor used the scheduled time appropriately.

Instructor / Student Interaction

4. The instructor showed concern and encouragement for my progress as a student.
5. The instructor respected the students' point of view.

Student Outcomes

6. I feel that my learning increased in this clinic.
7. For me, the level of difficulty of this clinic was about right.
8. For me, the pace of the material covered during the clinic was about right.

Instructional Materials and Resources

9. The clinic materials were useful.
10. The facilities and the learning environment were adequate for my learning experience.

Additional questions

11. The clinic provided enough time for reflection.
12. How will you use the material covered in this clinic in your coaching practice?
13. What additional learning has this clinic inspired you to look for?