Dear members of the USFCA.

We are calling for a change in the by-laws to clarify some language that concerns the President and Vice President of the Association. The term Fencing Master appears often in the by-laws. When they were written, this referred to a 3-weapon master. There were only 3-weapon Masters in those days.

In recent years, there has been a change throughout fencing where there is specialization, and the weapons, their technique, tactics and actions, have diverged to the point that they are quite different one from another. Fencing Masters tend to specialize, and clubs even have become, to a large extent, 1-weapon organisations.

The by-laws are now unclear. We feel the need, moving forward, to clarify what we as an Association want the heads of the USFCA to be. It takes a vote of the membership to change them. We are asking you each to vote for the language in the bylaws. Please choose one. The arguments, as articulated by the Executive Board are attached.

Please vote by April 24th at midnight.

Arguments for the 3-weapon Master (Maître d’Armes)

  • The highest executives in the Coaches’ Association should be experts in, and understand the needs and intricacies of each weapon’s community and be able to serve all weapons with equal consideration.
  • The 3- weapon Master should be well-known to the entire fencing coaches’ community, and be able to interact successfully with international coaches at the highest level of complexity in all 3 weapons as ambassador for the USFCA

Arguments for the 1, 2-weapon Master

  • The trend in modern fencing is almost exclusively toward single weapon specialty
  • There is no longer a test for Maître d’Armes and taking three separate masters exams is almost impossible due to time, geography, and money.
  • We will soon run out of 3-weapon masters due to age, and we do not want to restrict the candidates for the executive positions in the USFCA.

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