Prévôt (Level 4)

The Prévôt level is similar to the Master level professional fencing coach with more emphasis on training fencers rather than other coaches. The Prévôt has proficiency with a variety of teaching methods so that they can train fencers of all levels to compete. They may also train fencers to become Assistants or Moniteurs. Prévôt candidates must pass a thorough test comprised of oral, written, and practical parts. The practical examination is given by a certified board of two USFCA Fencing Masters.

A coach can be certified as a Prévôt in an individual weapon (e.g. Prévôt de Fleuret (Foil), Prévôt de Sabre, etc), or can be certified in all three weapons (Prévôt d’Armes). Each weapon is tested separately.

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