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We examine and certify coaches in four levels of expertise across all 3 weapons:

Assitant Moniteur (or Aide Moniteur): Assist the coach in running a fencing class
Moniteur: Train beginning to intermediate fencing classes
Prevot: Train fencers of all levels to compete
Master (or Maitre): Train fencers from beginners to high-level competitive champions



  1. Become a USFCA member: Membership is required to register and pay for exams
  2. Online exam: Verification of candidate’s fencing knowledge
  3. In-person practical: Demonstration of candidate’s ability to instruct fencing to individual or groups

Exams are available in the Testing Center and study materials are available in the Library. Both are available under the Membership menu after logging in.


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Online exams

Each certification candidate will have two chances to pass the exam per exam fee within an eight hour window of time. If the candidate fails the written exam, they may take the exam again by re-purchasing that exam. Only one written test needs to be taken and passed for each level of certification.

Online exam fees are based on level:

Assistant Moniteur: $25.00
Moniteur: $25.00
Prevot: $50.00


Practical exam

Prerequisite: pass online exam. Candidates must schedule a practical exam, which are typically held at a USFCA sponsored clinic/workshop or the annual conference. Fees must be paid online in advance. To find a USFCA event, see the Events page.

Alternatively, a practical can be scheduled separately by contacting a regional Vice President. Subject to approval.

Practical exam fees are based on level:

Assistant Moniteur: $50.00
Moniteur: $150.00
Prevot: $200.00


Coaches College Equivalency

Past Coaches College (CC) graduates up to 2011 may apply for equivalency with the USFCA. Please see the Coaches College Equivalency in the Testing Center and complete the application provided. Equivalency is available for all levels.


Master’s Equivalency

Notable coaches may petition to be exempt from the Master’s Certification thesis or practical. Please see the Master’s Equivalency in the Testing Center. Subject to review and approval.

For U.S. coaches who have been certified as Fencing Masters in other AAI countries, the USFCA can provide an equivalent USFCA Master’s certificate. The candidate should contact the Board Chair and provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Proof of AAI recognized Master level certification
  • Proof of USFCA membership
  • Proof of USA Fencing Coach level certification, including Safesport certification
  • Address to mail your new USFCA certification