Women Fencing Coaches

Women Fencing Coaches

Women fencing coaches need a place. The US Fencing Coaches Association has developed a database of over 100 women fencing coaches and is putting together a program for the Development and Promotion of Women Fencing Coaches under the leadership of Fencing Master and Olympian Vincent Bradford. Join us.


There is a systemic problem in our sport that is baked-in and has been for centuries: the male dominance in the training of athletes. This has to stop. Coming from a place of White male privilege and being involved in the sport dating back to the nineteen sixties, I have witnessed horrendous behavior towards, and suppression of women at every level. Observing is far different than enduring abuse, so the USFCA is offering our resources and backing to the Women’s Coaching Initiative: WFencing (website coming soon). This will be of, for and by women. Please join us.


Women coaches, often under men’s leadership, teach beginning classes, but also manage the club, make the schedule, manage the finances, do the laundry, etc., with little or no recognition for their contribution to the sport. Is this because they are not credentialed or trained? The USFCA offers training and credentialing from beginning coach to Fencing Master. We believe that a program of Coaches’ Training of, by, and for Women will arm Women Fencing Coaches to move into a position of equality empower Women to bring their considerable skills and unique approach to the table.


The USFCA will offer a series of seminars by, for and of women in the coming season.


Please contact Maître Vincent Bradford: vincentbradford@gmail.com


Peter Burchard

Maître d’Armes

President, US Fencing Coaches Association


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